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Our article today will be about one of the most important techniques of liberation and releasing that enables us to practice forgiveness that we previously discussed in the previous article in detail. It is one of the most important mechanisms that remove the obstacles encircling your life and open new paths that guarantee you ease and all the best and one of the most effective techniques for carrying out forgiveness to the fullest is the Sedona technique. The name may seem unfamiliar to some, but this method is one of the simplest and most effective methods of liberation, with the testimony of many life coaches. 

It is a mechanism that allows you to be free from the pain of the past and its negative attitudes such as sadness, sorrow, frustration and injustice that worked to block the energy field and the emergence of obstacles that may be represented by organic or psychological diseases and material obstacles in your life.

So let's take a look at Sedona's technical background and its steps:

What you have to know first is that feelings are separated from you and not part of you. Imagine that you hold a pen in your hand very hard for a long time. You will feel tired and exhausted; open your hand, let the pen fall. You have been freed from fatigue when you let go of the pen, as well as negative feelings, all you have to do is make them free and always remember that you are the controller and the responsible.

And here comes the Sedona technique to show you how to liberate. The first one who discovered it and practiced it , was  the physicist Lester levenson after the doctors informed him that he had a serious illness and only two months are left for him to live , he decided to isolate himself from the outside world and started his journey with meditation to find out the reason for our existence in this life and found that it is happiness, One of the most important keys to happiness is letting go  all the sadness and painful experiences that a person has gone through. The results of this liberation were amazing. He recovered from his illness and lived 42 years instead of two months and died at the age of 85 years.

-What are the steps of this technique?

The first step: focus on the specific problem or situation. Bring images and sounds to your mind as well as the feelings that accompany it. Welcome them as a guest and remember that they are not part of you. Feel them with a high sensory intensity as if you were living the situation again. You can cry, get angry, it is totally fine.

The second step: Ask yourself the following question: Is it better for me to be freed from these feelings that restrict my life and become happier, or do I stick to it and keep playing a  the victim's role,  get stuck in misery?

-The best answer is yes, of course, but do not put pressure on yourself if your answer is no, this is evidence of internal resistance to adhere to these feelings, then repeat the question again and imagine new horizons that will open for you once you give up and liberate and after repeating the question your answer will become yes without a doubt.



The third Step: Can I really escape from these negative feelings?

-The best answer is yes, I can. But perhaps you hesitate, repeat the question again and bring up the idea of the pen. Once you throw it, it will fall away, you are controlling the feelings, not the opposite.


The forth Step: After proving that you are capable, it is time to test your will. Do you really want to get rid of those painful feelings?

-The best answer is yes, but do not worry if you feel hesitation. Relax. Repeat the question again until you have answered yes spontaneously. Do not force yourself!


The fifth and final step: When can I be free?

-The best answer is now at this moment, I am free from these painful feelings and let them go away, because they have not been a part of me. Send them away and rest.

Simply these are the technical steps of Sedona, one-time exercise is sufficient to liberate from a specific event and you can repeat it three times in the same situation until you feel your liberation is done sufficiently.

- Wait more about releasing techniques and other experiments and testimonials in the next article.

-You can share your experience and what you felt after applying Sedona   steps through the comments section.

By Hanadi Rasoul

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