Forgiveness as you have not known it before

Forgiveness as you have known it before

Forgiveness is one of the most inspiring and interesting topics for all of us. Who among us did not go through situations such as deception, betrayal and injustice of all kinds, and it became difficult to take the choice of forgiveness and letting go.

So today, I will introduce to you forgiveness in a new and different way from the prevailing concept that focuses on dealing with the harmful situation superficially and giving much attention to the other person while it is more beneficial to focus on yourself in particular because you are primarily responsible for what happens to you. As a result, when you forgive, you do that for yourself and to call in the great energy of forgiveness that will comfort you from heavy loads filled with engaging feelings, you will feel free and relaxed, so your vibes will rise and your aura will be ready to receive renewed energy without hindrance as it manifests new meaningful opportunities and encouraging people. Likewise, dear reader, the opposite is true. If you insist on attaching to the past and the painful events that accompanied it, you evoke that negative energy for the present moment, meaning that you live it again through memory and imagination. Such unnecessary stress! The latter contributes to creating barriers in your aura. When the energy comes to flow, it will be interfered with these obstacles that were made by yourself when you have not chosen to forgive.

So what is remarkable here is that the other side is indispensable for your pardon, but rather you tolerate with that painful situation to be freed from its energy and open up a new energy space that allows positive people to enter and build successful relationships that motivate you to step up with ease. So briefly, holding a grudge against someone who harmed you and focusing on it, enhances his or her energy space and prevents the manifestation of what you really need and desire such as, having meaningful relationships in your life.  

From now on you must liberate from toxic relationships, whether current or past, by using the techniques of liberation such as Sedona or Hoponobono …. You are free to choose what suits the most.

The fruitful result is that you will gain is an unobstructed energetic energy flow inside and a manifestation of a supportive environment and sublime relationships outside.

By Hanadi Rasoul

The source: Forgiveness videos presented by Rasha Meschta 

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